Version History

Version 6.2

May 4, 2021


  • Addressed a potential crash when calculating annotation display ranges
  • Resolved an issue with soft wrapping documents that use CRLF line endings
  • Columnar selection of wrapped, indented lines now works as expected
  • Cursor insertion points are now maintained on save when "Auto-trim trailing whitespace" is enabled
  • Fixed an issue with key binding conflict-calculations when using the AZERTY layout
  • Ruby: Resolved an issue parsing bracket closures
  • Ruby: using and extend keywords in class definitions are now parsed as expected
  • YAML: Resolved a potential issue with parsing symbols that contain certain symbolic characters
  • YAML: Fixed an issue with parsing block scalars followed by other block scalars
  • TypeScript: Corrected a problem with interface method parsing
  • TypeScript: Addressed an issue with parsing of nested JavaScript interpolated strings
  • JSX / TSX: Fixed an issue with parsing of object literals that contain self-closing tags
  • JSX / TSX: Fixed a potential issue where TypeScript type annotations could interfere with tag parsing
  • SASS: Resolved an issue with parsing attributes that have whitespace between the name and colon
  • Terminal: Double-clicking symbols now selects them
  • Terminal: Resolved a potential crash related to URL detection
  • Terminal: Using Option+Arrow to move the cursor by word-boundary now works as expected
  • Terminal: Fixed a potential issue with host key alerts not being displayed after removing a server from known_hosts
  • Terminal: Corrected an issue where servers saved without a password wouldn't use the default port value as expected

Version 6.1

April 22, 2021


  • Fixed a potential crash on launch when using a non-ASCII input source
  • SCSS: Code folding mixins without arguments now works as expected
  • Resolved an issue with soft wrapping of documents using CRLF line endings
  • Ruby: Fixed an issue with heredoc highlighting being too aggressive in some instances
  • Clips: Resolved an issue with key bindings that use the numeric keypad with a Shift modifier

Version 6

April 21, 2021

They're here! Nova 6 adds Project Groups, a beautiful new way to keep your launcher organized and efficient. Just drag a project onto another project, or click the New Project button, and go. We also fixed over 160 issues (!) in this release, and reset the trial for new users. We hope you're enjoying Nova, because we're really enjoying making it — spread the word!

Project Groups

Create folders to organize your projects just as you like.


  • Added a preference to automatically remove trailing whitespace without the use of EditorConfig
  • Added a preference to ensure a trailing newline at the end of files without the use of EditorConfig
  • Added the ability to specify the shell type used for local terminals

New for Extensions

  • Added support for specifying a pre-filled value for InputPalette
  • Added support for rendering Markdown in LSP hovers


  • Improved case-matching sensitivity of autocomplete results
  • Disabled implicit caching behavior within Nova's preview tabs
  • The Editor > Text Encoding menu can now be customized with even more encoding options
  • Clicking in the minimap now jumps to that section of the document instead of scrolling the text view
  • Improved handling of soft line breaks when line wrapping is enabled
  • Made it easier to add Projects to the launcher via drag and drop
  • Added the ability to edit Project Name and Artwork from the Launcher
  • Smart quotes are now supported as surrounding pairs for all built in syntax grammars
  • Added the ability to detect key binding conflicts for two different characters shift-modified on the same key
  • Improved the implementation of "Search In Selection" to better retain the selection search-scope
  • Improved drop target behavior for folders in the Files sidebar
  • HTML: Hyphenated text can now be selected via double-click
  • Added support for SAML/NTLM authentication in Preview tabs
  • Improved the display of "stretched" Project Artwork
  • Launcher: Improved Project creation workflow
  • YAML: Added support for code folding


  • Resolved a potential crash when parsing templated end expressions
  • Fixed a crash when using a Go Language Server and Code Actions
  • Fixed a potential crash with "Replace All in Project" when using regex
  • Resolved an issue with indexing files that contain certain characters
  • Improved detection of UTF-8 file encodings when using "Find in Project"
  • Fixed a potential issue with indexing certain file types
  • Using ⌘\ as a keyboard binding now works as expected
  • Improved detection of WinLatin1 file encodings
  • Copying an empty selection no longer clears the clipboard
  • Resolved a potential issue with navigating wrapped next vertically
  • "Comment Selection" now wraps the cursor when no selection is present
  • Fixed a hang when drawing invisible characters on extremely long lines
  • Resolved an issue with "Delete Trailing Whitespace" potentially removing additional content when code folding is active
  • Deleting the last Find sidebar scope filter while it is active now updates the active filter count as expected
  • Invoking "Use Selection for Find" no longer highlights matches if the Find banner is not currently displayed
  • Resolved an issue that could cause syntax highlighting to not be applied to the last line of a document
  • Fixed a potential issue with code folding working as expected in TypeScript, SCSS, and Less documents
  • Fixed a potential problem with next-line indentation not always behaving properly in some languages
  • Clip Placeholders now work as expected when adjacent to an underscore character in the clip body
  • Invoking "Duplicate in Split" now ensures the newly created pane is focused as first responder
  • Corrected an issue that prevented stoping individual Tasks when Nova is in full-screen mode
  • Corrected the behavior of the cursor’s movement after selecting to the start of a document
  • Resolved an issue that could prevent previews in external browsers from updating on save
  • Document "Find" match count no longer disappears when switching between apps
  • PHP: Fixed parsing of namespace types in function return values
  • PHP: Improved completions suggestions within strings
  • PHP: Resolved an issue with parsing nullable return types
  • TSX: Fixed a problem with parsing of variable attribute expansions
  • JSX: Resolved an issue parsing certain bare words
  • SCSS: Added @include and @use suffixes to autocomplete
  • SCSS: Improved parsing of property names that do not have whitespace after the colon, but are not selectors
  • SCSS: Resolved completion of class and ID values in HTML
  • SCSS: Fixed an issue with the incorrect completion of attributes within selectors
  • Ruby: Added support for parsing "Squiggly Heredoc"
  • Ruby: Regular expression literals which use interpolation should now highlight correctly
  • Ruby: Case statements which use regular expression literals should now highlight properly
  • Ruby: Closure blocks are now cause auto-indentation on return
  • YAML: Improved highlighting of keys, items, and block scalars
  • YAML: Fixed an issue with parsing HTML anchor targets
  • Shell: Added support for Heredoc parsing
  • Shell: Resolved an issue with parsing of escaped quotes
  • Python: async and await keywords are now highlighted as expected
  • Markdown: Asterisk spans without whitespace in between are now highlighted as expected
  • TypeScript: Added support for parsing Decorators
  • TypeScript: Resolved code folding issues with object literal property declarations
  • JavaScript: Added support for completing JavaScript variables defined via destructuring
  • JavaScript: Class static fields which use objects should now highlight correctly
  • JavaScript: Resolved an issue parsing of regular expression syntax that contains certain escape sequences
  • CoffeeScript: Commenting text using the keyboard shortcut now works as expected
  • Terminal: Various improvements to URL and local file detection
  • Terminal: Resolved an issue with incorrect soft-wrapping
  • Terminal: Resolved an issue with deleting from soft-wrapped lines
  • Launcher: Row colors now support vibrancy and extend to full window height even when empty
  • Launcher: Fixed a potential issue where Project sub-text would use light colored text on a light background
  • Launcher: Fixed a potential issue with the "Last Opened" date not updating as expected
  • Launcher: Removing all projects now restores the placeholder text
  • Launcher: Artwork for Servers added via drag and drop from Preferences now uses "center" orientation instead of "stretch"
  • Launcher: Fixed a potential issue where Projects could incorrectly display a sub-title when no other projects with the same name were present
  • Launcher: Fixed an issue where Project folder colors could be displayed incorrectly if another project with the same name existed previously
  • Launcher: Opening a Remote Project while holding the shift key now removes state restoration data as expected
  • Launcher: Improved color contrast of letters and folders
  • File Browser: Fixed a potential issue where audio alerts would not play after a saved remote file had finished uploading

Version 5.1

March 23, 2021

  • Note: Due to improvements to the Dropbox OAuth API, Nova 5.1 will require all Dropbox Servers to be re-authorized once. ⚠️


  • Support for Dropbox Business Team Spaces
  • Added an option for exporting servers and their passwords to a password-protected, encrypted file


  • Updated to the latest version of the Dropbox OAuth API


  • Adding project dependencies that should be ignored no longer causes indexing in some circumstances
  • "Wrap Selection In Tag" now properly auto-completes the closing tag
  • Fixed two issues that could cause the terminal to hang. We will continue to improve terminal performance in future updates.
  • Extensions: Fixed a crash with LanguageClient when receiving custom notifications without parameters
  • Extensions: Resolved a potential crash when using CompletionItem.additionalTextEdits
  • Extensions: Fixed LanguageClient workspace path prefix not always matching paths of documents

Version 5

February 22, 2021

Hooray! Nova 5 brings you a brand-new (and much-requested) Color Picker, with a powerful feature set to make managing colors as easy as possible. It also adds improvements to Custom Tasks, the Find Sidebar, and more. Enjoy!

Color Picker

Visually manipulate colors. Create useful swatches that are stored with your project. Mix colors in different representations, with full support for sRGB and Display P3. Also includes a brand-new set of extension APIs.

Find Sidebar Improvements

A new scope selector, as well as additional text matching behaviors, make the Sidebar even better.


  • Tasks: Added a preference to auto-save open editors when invoking task actions
  • Custom Tasks: Added an option to automatically invoke the Build action before performing the Run action
  • Terminal: The scroll wheel now works in the alternate screen when mouse tracking is disabled, allowing the scroll wheel to be used in, for example, man
  • Files Sidebar: Added the ability to search selected folders from the contextual menu
  • Find Sidebar: Support for more text matching behaviors and search scope settings

New for Extensions

  • Commands API: Added support for commands with unmodified key events when an editor is focused to allow for emulation of alternative key binding schemes. (This lays the groundwork for the possibility of, for example, Vim modes in the future.)
  • Commands API: Added improvements to the Command when clauses and the nova.workspace.context object to support conditionally enabling commands
  • Completions API: Added a ScopeSelector extension class to inspect scope information when building completions
  • Text Editor API: Added the InsertTextFormat enumeration option to the .edit() API
  • Tasks API: Added support for dynamically resolving actions defined in the manifest taskTemplates
  • Symbols Sidebar: Added support for parsing the structure of JSON files


  • Opening a subfolder of an existing local workspace now creates a new window
  • Bracket matching should now be less aggressive in certain cases
  • Terminal: Reduced terminal CPU usage when running htop
  • Improved contrast of Source Control status markers in the Files and Git sidebar
  • Find Sidebar: Improved contrast of "Find" result highlight colors when using light themes


  • "New Window" no longer ignores the "Create a new editor" Workspace preference
  • Fixed an issue where importing a key with a passphrase would not properly update on-disk storage after saving the passphrase to keychain
  • Spell check now works as expected for plain text files
  • Resolved an issue with the file split drag placeholder not being dismissed in some circumstances
  • Preferences: The Editor → Indentation → Wrap Guide field is now wide enough to show three digits
  • Big Sur: Running tasks at the minimum window width no longer causes toolbar elements to disappear in some cases
  • Terminal: Fixed an issue where Command-K wouldn't clear scrollback until Command key is released
  • Terminal: Resolved a potential problem where incorrect text could be copied when spinners are running
  • Terminal: Fixed a potential hang when detecting URLs
  • Terminal: Resolved a terminal emulation issue that caused misaligned text in many programs, including tmux and htop
  • Terminal: Resolved a potential issue where characters could incorrectly be removed during deletion
  • Terminal: Resolved a potential issue where scrollback could be removed when opening a new Terminal split
  • Extensions: Fixed a potential issue with sorting extension issues in the sidebar
  • Extensions: Resolved a problem with issues in the editor potentially intersecting on hover
  • JavaScript: Fixed highlighting for inline arrow function values that span multiple lines
  • JavaScript: Improved highlighting complex string template expressions
  • JavaScript: Resolved an issue parsing string literal expressions that span multiple lines
  • JavaScript: Improved parsing to include bare-object fields and functions in the symbol tree
  • JavaScript: Fixed an issue with symbol parsing of classes which extend a class accessed by property
  • JavaScript: Improved the display of named arrow functions and anonymous functions set to a variable name in the Symbols sidebar
  • JSX: Fixed a potential issue with code folding when parsing component variables that contain inline JavaScript blocks
  • JSX: Resolved an issue parsing components that occur within variable literals
  • HTML: Tags with detected URLs between them should now be properly highlighted
  • CSS: Resolved an issue with highlighting comments within attribute values
  • CSS: Fixed an issue with autocompletion of !important
  • YAML: Fixed highlighting of bare symbol words that start with -
  • YAML: Resolved an issue parsing keys that contain spaces
  • YAML: Parsing symbols starting with a boolean character immediately followed by a non-ASCII word character no longer breaks highlighting
  • Ruby: Fixed an issue with highlighting of ERB comments that do not end with #
  • Ruby: Resolved a problem parsing class definitions that use a module prefix
  • Ruby: Fixed highlighting of Heredoc comments that use the <<- syntax
  • Ruby: Resolved an issue with highlighting of hook and bang methods in symbol names
  • Python: Improved highlighting of keywords within expression parenthesis
  • Python: Fixed an issue where methods and properties prefixed with except would highlight as a partial keyword
  • TypeScript: for loops using let bindings no longer interrupt parsing in some circumstances
  • Smarty: Resolved an issue with comment highlighting
  • Lua: Fixed highlighting of comments at the end of an import line
  • LESS: Resolved an issue parsing mixin blocks
  • PHP: Improved parsing of class and interface constants
  • Editing an SSH key using the list view no longer allows saving the key name as (null)
  • Fixed an issue where placeholder elements were still visible after initializing a Git repository from project settings

Version 4.3

January 27, 2021


  • Japanese localization improvements


  • Resolved a potential crash when auto indenting code while typing
  • Launcher: Clicking "New Document" now works as expected when the "Open an empty editor for new windows" workspace preference is disabled
  • Fixed the Panic Sync preference pane not appearing signed in after relaunching Nova
  • Panic Sync: Signing in, quitting, and relaunching no longer displays the "Merge" alert a second time
  • Preferences: Fixed alignment of Git Accounts list placeholder text when no accounts exist
  • Project settings: Fixed an issue where the Project Settings sheet sidebar can sometimes not fully extend to its bounds on Big Sur
  • Fixed alignment issues with the "Update is Available!" popover

Version 4.2

January 20, 2021


  • Fixed a potential crash when editing JSX files
  • Resolved a layout issue and potential crash when accessing Panic Sync preferences
  • Git: Resolved a potential crash when performing editor Diff operation
  • Extensions: Fixed a crash when invoking .openFile() with no options argument
  • Git Sidebar: Filtered commits now properly display their short SHA
  • Closing an audio tab during playback now stops the audio as expected
  • Preferences: Fixed truncated text in Editor > Syntax tab
  • Editor: Fixed a potential issue where an expression typed within a string could cause the current line to de-dent

Version 4.1

January 12, 2021


  • Nova's preferences can now be searched


  • Fixed a crash on M1 Macs when opening a project that uses source control

Version 4

January 11, 2021

Welcome to 2021! This will be a great year for Nova. In Nova 4, we've added a few awesome new features, and our language improvements are important enough that we've reset the Nova trial period for all customers. Enjoy, and best wishes from all of us.

Git Service accounts

Easily login to your GitHub or Gitlab accounts and access repositories directly within Nova.

Editor Path Bar

Quickly see the path to the current document as well as the currently selected symbol.
Improved Language Grammars

Improved Language Grammars

Better parsing for JSX, TSX, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, Lua, CSS and SCSS.


  • Added an Editor Path / Breadcrumbs Bar that shows the active file path as well as the current selected symbol
  • Parser: Added support for anchored, directed grammar sub-scopes
  • The Launcher can now be automatically shown when last Project is closed
  • Added built-in support for GitHub and GitLab accounts
  • Symbols Sidebar now supports hierarchical display for SCSS files
  • Command + Enter will now create a new line when the text caret is mid-line
  • Git: Branch history can now be viewed in the Git sidebar
  • Git: Added a basic set of repository settings to project settings
  • Git: Changes that occur outside the project root will now be automatically reflected in the sidebar without a manual refresh
  • PHP: Added support for nullable return types
  • PHP: Added support for static method completions
  • Various JSX syntax highlighting improvements
  • Added a menu item for enabling terminal logging

New for Extensions

  • Extensions: Added the ability to open a new, untitled text document
  • Extension Preferences: Added a list box for strings or file paths
  • Extension Preferences: Enum types now use radio buttons if there are 3 or fewer choices
  • Task Assistants: Added a way to dynamically resolve an action at invocation
  • Tasks: Added support for deprecating task templates


  • The 30 day trial period has been reset
  • Holding Command+Delete will now continue deletion after reaching a line break
  • Improved mouse support for Nova's Terminal
    • Support for up to 11 mouse buttons
    • Support for tracking mouse movement
    • Support for the scroll wheel
    • Support for mouse tracking beyond 233 columns
  • Updated the Extension library to use the new Big Sur styling


  • Fixed a potential issue with custom syntax when opening documents
  • HTML/CSS/SCSS bookmarks are now displayed as expected in the Symbols Sidebar
  • Disabled class completions for DOM Document and Window classes
  • Resolved a potential crash with extension-provided static completions
  • Fixed a potential crash when parsing some files during indexing
  • Resolved a potential crash when indenting folded code
  • Lua: Fixed issues with parsing functions defined in bare objects
  • Lua: Resolved issues with parsing object assignments in bare objects
  • Lua: Fixed issues when attempting to use "Jump to Definition" with global variables
  • Lua: Resolved issues parsing comments in if blocks
  • Lua: Fixed indentation issues when pasting functions with nothing in their body
  • Localization: Various improvements to Japanese translations
  • Ruby: Fixed an issue with syntax highlighting after in documents that contain :/
  • Launcher: Resolved a potential crash when opening a project right after it was created
  • Terminal: Fixed a potential issue where the cursor could get stuck on the current line until a new command is entered
  • Extensions: Fixed an issue where contains(path) would always return true

Version 3.1

November 18, 2020


  • Made the Task Arguments variables menu more prominent
  • Show Completions keyboard shortcut now works while "Suggest completions while typing" is disabled


  • A potential infinite recursion in bracket calculation when rainbow brackets are enabled
  • Resolved an issue where Command + Control + 4 no longer toggled between code & preview tabs
  • Big Sur: Fixed an issue where extension items in the library sidebar could be cut off
  • Big Sur: Fixed a case where the "Show Sidebar" menu item can be unavailable
  • Fixed two potential crashes related to Find & Replace operations
  • LSP: Resolved a potential crash when showing a request sheet

Version 3

November 12, 2020

New computers! New operating systems! It's an exciting time to be a Mac user, and, after a bit of work, we're proud to support these great new things in Nova, on day one. Hooray, native apps!

Big Sur

Nova is now ready for the latest version of macOS, Big Sur, with lots of fixes, refreshed icons, and an overall super smooth experience.
Apple M1 Chip

Apple M1 Chip

Nova also now runs natively on Apple silicon chips, like the new Apple M1, giving you maximum editing performance on the next generation of Macs.

Customizable Dock Icon

Choose how you want Nova's dock icon to look in the Theme preferences. Nova's dock icon can even automatically switch from light to dark when macOS switches, even when Nova isn't running.


  • Double-clicking brackets now selects the entire range of text within those brackets
  • Typing or moving the cursor over a singular bracket now flashes its matching counterpart
  • Editor: Find wildcard token color are now represented in the editor using an underline with the same color as the wildcard
  • Selecting 'Create New Extension' from the Extensions menu now automatically enables development tools

New for Extensions


  • Nova will now display running extensions in the 'An Extension Service Crashed' dialog


  • Clicking on a terminal pane when Nova is in the background now brings focus to that pane
  • Fixed an issue installing the nova CLI tool when /usr/local/bin did not already exist
  • Resolved an issue where Code Foliding could affect rainbow brackets from matching
  • Fixed a potential problem with reading .pem keys stored in keychain
  • Fixing an issue where editor text layout could be incorrect if the wrapped indentation exceeded the container width
  • Terminal: Copying text no longer inserts line breaks where line-wrapping was present
  • Terminal: File paths that end in : can now be opened via command-click
  • Terminal: After opening a file via command-click subsequent clicks will not re-open the file
  • Extensions: Resolved a potential crash in language server code actions
  • Extensions: Fixed an issue where JSTreeItem.tooltip would not be used

Version 2.1

October 29, 2020


  • Files Sidebar: Improved the ability to open unknown file types with a single click
  • Added support for LSP configuration requests
  • Custom File Type setting now overrides default macOS filetype behaviors for files opened in Nova (such as media files)


  • Fixed an accessibility issue with accessing Servers preferences
  • Resolved an issue that could cause custom keybindings to be ignored in preview webviews
  • Terminal: Text selection now works as expected after resizing the window
  • Search Scope: Filenames queries now include extensions
  • Extension API: nova.workspace.openFile()now properly waits for the editor to be established in the extension service runtime before resolving
  • JavaScript: Removed the Function class from completions
  • Fixed an issue where extension commands would not be enabled for plain text, extension-less files
  • Adjusted the behavior of Option-Delete when a newline is just behind the cursor
  • Python: Added highlighting support for triple-quoted r-strings
  • Autocomplete: Improved fuzzy matching to help cases where alphasort is incorrect
  • Preferences: Fixed an issue that could cause the Transfers ASCII list to be displayed at zero height
  • Resolved an error that could prevent crashes from being reported on submission
  • Terminal: Setting the system shell to tcsh no longer prevents the local terminal from functioning
  • Resolved a potential crash with code folding
  • Extensions Library: Updated Back and Forward button tooltips
  • Terminal: Fixed a potential issue with missing output when running xcodebuild commands
  • Preferences: Improved Panic Sync login form width

Version 2

October 21, 2020

This free update features a ton of new features to make extensions even more powerful. It also adds exportable key bindings, an "Open in Nova" system service, and lots of fixes.

New for Extensions

  • Dynamic Task Providers
    • Extensions can now provide tasks to a project dynamically, based on nearly anything, without requiring user configuration in Nova
    • Tasks are built and delivered using the new Task and TaskProcessAction object classes with a new assistant type
  • LSP: Support for Code Actions
    • Code actions can be shown from compatible language servers using the (by default) shortcut of Shift-Cmd-A
    • An indicator can be displayed at the head of a line when code actions are available for the insertion point or selection
  • LSP: Support for WorkspaceEdits
    • Language servers can now use the applyEdit method to instruct Nova to perform a wide-scale edit on multiple files simultaneously
  • LSP: Support for Jump to Definition
    • Jump to definition will prioritize language servers above the workspace index when available
  • LSP: Support for Signature Help
  • LSP: Added the ability to include custom initializationOptions in the LanguageClient.clientOptions
  • LSP: Added proper support for the triggerCharacters completion request property
  • Extensions: Added CompletionItem.additionalTextEdits and TextEdit APIs
    • Completion items may now define additional edits, beyond the primary edit, such as automatically adding imports
  • Extensions: Added support for a funding property to the extension manifest
    • An author may define a URL at which users may contribute or fund the extension's development
    • When present, an additional "Sponsor" button will be shown on the extension's library page


  • Added an "Open in Nova" system service, intended to make opening folders a bit easier from Finder
  • Key Bindings can now be imported and exported via Preferences > Key Bindings
  • Added better support for EditorConfig wildcard entries, especially those using {} brackets
  • Editor: Added the ability to disable insertion point blink
  • Problem Reporter: Added support for directing extension-related issues to extension authors
  • Added the ability to invoke completions with a specified key binding
  • PHP: Added completions for multi-byte string functions
  • Updated extension template READMEs to be more templated that authors may follow
  • Syntax Inspector: Added the ability to show the specific CSS theme styles applied to the text


  • Renamed the View → Pane menu items to View → Split for better consistency
  • Installation of the CLI tool should no longer requires an escalation prompt when using an admin user
  • Project Settings: Renamed the “Environment” section to “Extensions” for better clarity
  • Project Settings: Project toolbar icon now matches the project folder color
  • Find/Replace: Allow use of newline escape sequences if the regex option is enabled
  • A maximum length/height has been set for workspace notifications
  • Launcher: Filtering is now cleared when creating a new project


  • Fixed a potential crash when documents are being parsed
  • Fixed an issue with auto-indentation on paste, especially within Python, JavaScript, and HTML documents
  • Files Sidebar: Disabling Show Navigation Controls now re-navigates to the project root
  • Fixed an issue where a duplicate copy would be uploaded when using Save As with remote files
  • Resolved an issue with binding the Delete key to menu items
  • Fixed Custom File Associations not opening with a single click
  • Fixed an issue with SCSS variable completions
  • Fixed the Tasks sheet changing width when switching to the Arguments tab
  • Multiline copy now inserts line breaks between selections
  • Fixed an issue with "Save in Keychain" checkbox not working as expected in file browser tabs
  • Preferences: Theme items now expose proper accessibility metadata
  • Terminal: Number pad enter key no longer unexpectedly cancels the command being executed
  • Editor: Status View line number is no longer incorrect when the cursor is positioned on a trailing line fragment
  • JavaScript: Auto-complete will now offer console instead of the Console class
  • TypeScript: Fixed an issue that could prevent certain functions from being displayed in the Symbols sidebar
  • Command Line Tool: Piping output from an async command should now wait properly
  • Terminal: Fixed potential drawing issues after displaying a long interactive output
  • Launcher: Fixed an issue that could cause project folders to always use the color red
  • Launcher: Tooltip for Remote Projects now displays the server address instead of a local path
  • Launcher: Fixed the "g" character descender from being truncated on folder initials
  • Launcher: Resolved an issue where the wrong project could be opened from the Touch Bar when projects were being filtered
  • Extension Library: Resolved an issue that prevented copying text via the Edit menu
  • Extension Library: Release notes now display the most recent changes without needing to update the extension
  • Extension Library: "Version" is no longer displayed twice when a new update is available
  • Extensions: Fixing an issue with the IssueParser API that could incorrectly report an issue's line basis
  • Extensions: Paths returned from nova.workspace.path should now always match document URIs prefixes
  • Extensions: Fixed the completions API not respecting range of item when computing filtering text
  • Extensions: Added a new event listener API to inform extensions when its language server quits
  • Extensions: Fixed common cases where LanguageClient.running would return an incorrect value if the language server quits
  • Extensions: Fixed a potential crash when passing * selector to AssistantsRegistry.registerIssueAssistant
  • Extensions: Fixed properly handling a Promise return from TextEditor.onWillSave callback
  • Extensions: Fixed a potential issue with syntaxes parsing issues when in development mode
  • Extensions: Fixed JSProcess JSON-RPC error handling not rejecting with a ProcessMessage object
  • LSP: Completion snippet placeholders are now respected for textEdit changes in addition to insertText
  • LSP: document/hover requests returning the deprecated MarkedString content are now unescaped properly
  • macOS 11: Improved the appearance of Preferences > Transfers
  • macOS 11: Fixed a potential hang when signing into, or out of, Panic Sync
  • German Localization: Fixed Sync Preferences referring to Transmit instead of Nova when you are in Trial Mode

Version 1.2

September 29, 2020


  • Extensions: Added the Clipboard API and corresponding entitlement for interacting with the user's clipboard
  • Extensions: Added support for the LSP Snippet format in completions
  • Extensions: Added support for displaying color swatches to the CompletionItem API
  • Added a "Report Abuse" link to extension details view

New for Extensions

  • InsertTextFormat, an enumeration that contains values for supported text formats:
    • InsertTextFormat.PlainText: Plain text. It won't be modified or tokenized
    • InsertTextFormat.Snippet: Completion text will be tokenized using the Clips / Snippet ${} format
  • CompletionItem.insertTextFormat, which defines an enum value from the InsertTextFormat enumeration
  • CompletionItem.tokenize has been deprecated in favor of the newer format property
    • Setting this value to true will set the format to a private (inaccessible) enum value InsertTextFormat.Placeholder which is present for backwards compatibility
  • TextEditor.insert() has a new, optional second argument that takes an InsertTextFormat enum value to control the inserted text format in the same way as completion items
    • If this argument is undefined, the previous behavior (equivalent to InsertTextFormat.Placeholder) will be used


  • Editor focus when opening documents in more than one tab
  • Error messages of Extension Developer authentication failure alerts
  • Error descriptions in Clone failure alert notification
  • Extensions: Loosened restrictions on Tasks category validation
  • "Show (Named) Sidebar" menu items now focus the opened sidebar for keyboard navigation, when supported
  • Preferences: Added 'Plain Text' for custom file type associations
  • Tasks: Non-transient tabs are now used when automatically opening a Report tab
  • "Center Selection in Visible Area" shortcut (^L) now centers when the insertion point is visible
  • Various localization improvements


  • Editor: Improved performance of text editing and scrolling when there are >100 folds
  • Files Sidebar: Fixed an issue that could prevent the contextual menu from being opened with Ctrl-click
  • Fixed an issue where the Extension Library sidebar could show a placeholder label or icon when installing an extension
  • Spilt drop zone labels are no longer truncated
  • Added mysqli_query() to PHP/MySQL autocomplete
  • Editor: Fixed Shift-Option-Dragging to select multiple, non-contiguous regions
  • Files Sidebar: Using Option-DnArrow to enter a folder now retains first responder status with "Show Navigation Controls" enabled
  • Fixed a potential issue with key binding field changes not being saved when closing preferences
  • LSP: Fixed Potential crash when using DocumentHighlight requests
  • Extension-provided completions are no longer disabled when a language server is in use
  • Fixed a hang when setting the editor Line Height to an empty value
  • Fixed an issue with resolving environment variables for Tasks when using a Bash shell
  • Servers: Prevent saving of New Servers with no address
  • Editor Preferences: Updated "Custom File Type" labels to "Filename / Extension"
  • SCSS: Fixed an issue causing autocompletion of variables in comments
  • French: Fixed overlapping text in Editor Preferences
  • Fixed a missing image in the Preferences > Keys detail sheet
  • Resolved an issue that could cause gutter annotations expansions to flash when moving the cursor
  • Extensions: Fixed an issue when using hex colors as part of a theme gradient
  • Terminal: Resolved a potential issue with dropping characters when pasting
  • Resolved an issue that could cause Extensions to fall back on the incorrect base localization

Version 1.1

September 21, 2020


  • Support for setting default syntax of dotfiles
  • Files Sidebar: Custom file types now open with single click


  • Activation: Fixed an issue that could prevent unlocking Nova in certain locale configurations
  • Files Sidebar: Fixed JSX files not opening with a single click
  • Resolved a potential crash if SSH Key data is nil due to bad migration or Keychain failure
  • Fixed custom file syntaxes not working for multi-part file extensions
  • Fixed an issue where advanced server preferences were potentially not applied when connecting to a server in multiple windows or tabs
  • Ruby: Resolved an issue that could cause the symbols list to be nested recursively
  • CSS variables now autocomplete in SCSS files
  • Editor: No longer show completions for subsyntax symbols unless they are declared as such
  • Python: Fixed highlighting of triple-quoted f strings
  • PHP: Fixed comments looking blurry when using the Neon theme
  • Terminal: Fixed a potential crash around text selection while text is changing
  • Terminal: Fixed the cursor jumping around in some non-US locales
  • Behaviors: Fixed a crash when setting Publish behavior to show / hide a sidebar
  • Ruby: Fixed an issue with Ruby end keyword detection
  • Publishing: Duplicated files are now properly updated in the publishing queue after renaming
  • Fixed a potential crash when closing tabs while using an LSP extension
  • Extensions: Fixed improper handling of LSP MarkedString[] responses for Hover requests
  • Extension: Resolved a potential hang when updating extensions
  • Transfers: Fixed an issue that caused hidden files to be skipped by default

Version 1

September 16, 2020

Everything is new!